I grew up in India surrounded by homeopathy and treated only by homeopathy. I moved to North America for college and after a graduate degree in business administration, I became a successful corporate executive. Although, I had a busy career in a Fortune 50 company, I felt constantly drawn to healing in the background.  With the birth of my children, I felt the tug of it again. I also felt a keen lack of support both from a family perspective as well as from a therapeutic one.

In the meantime, I was struggling with a fear of flying and had to live with it for several years given our annual trips to visit family in India.  There didn’t seem to be any help with conventional medicine in those days except for sedatives which I steadfastly refused.

My second child was diagnosed with allergies and allergic asthma when he was 2 and I was handed an inhaler, an epi-pen and a long list of all the foods and environmental factors that might send him into an anaphylactic shock.

My own personal phobia and my son's needs sparked my intellectual curiosity and the desire for a more holistic way of treating issues. The attempt to understand why we couldn't address the root cause of health issues instead of just their symptoms led me to the New York School of Homeopathy.

I spent 5 years at the New York School of Homeopathy and have been practicing homeopathy in Princeton NJ since 2011 after being tutored and mentored by several very wise and experienced teachers and practitioners.  I also got certified by Council for Homeopathic Certification.

I have a passion for the art and science of homeopathy.  I am a committed healer who considers it her main calling in life to bring relief to people struggling with health and behavioral challenges.  I am a sympathetic listener with a talent for understanding the distinctive personal aspects of each patient's case and connecting them with a well-chosen, well-matched remedy that will bring positive change and lasting relief to the patient.