I was very sick in both 7th and 8th grade. Roopali's gentle-phrased questions and accurate remedy helped me get better through homeopathy. Now I'm a healthy 11th grader. The effort she put through made tremendously obvious the unfathomable extent to which she cared about my constant improvement.  Thanks Roopali.

SS, 16


My son had various ailments throughout his seventh and eighth grades, which ultimately kept him home from school for most of his eighth grade.  He was on numerous medications and we were being told by many doctors that the next step was indefinite IV antibiotics. Roopali had suggested homeopathy early in his illness, but I was too busy trying other treatments.  Finally, I listened to her, and within six weeks, my son was back at school, and within two -three months, completely symptom free.  She spoke to him, monitoring his condition every week, and it was so comforting to know that someone else was there to make sure my son stayed healthy.  She still speaks to him, monitoring his health, to ensure that he continues to be in the best of health.  Thank you Roopali!!!!

RS, SS' mother


I have been a patient of Roopali for a year . She has worked with me through the last year to bring down my anxiety levels and bring a sense of balance back in my daily life . 
A year ago I was faced with high stress levels at work which was affecting my sleep and causing tremendous anxiety. Roopali spent time understanding the issue and guiding me to explain my problem . 
Once she had understood what I was facing she prescribed a course of treatment that has been most effective . 

She has been proactively talking to me after the initial prescription ensuring that I am on track . We talk almost every fortnight . Though we live in a different time zone she takes effort and time to talk to me . 

My experience being Roopali's payment has truly helped me.

VN, 49


I have suffered continuously since childhood from asthma and skin psoriasis and controlling both through inhalers and topical steroids. Roopali’s homeopathic treatment has made a dramatic difference! I’m no longer taking asthma inhalers or applying topical ointments to keep my psoriasis condition in control. Additionally, I’ve also seen a significant reduction in mental anxiety because of my very demanding and stressful professional career. I’m the poster child for what homeopathy can do; address and remedy diseases from the root! Thanks Roopali. 

LK, 54


Roopali has been my homeopathy doctor for two years now. She took me in as her patient, when I was going through some difficult times in my college career and was having a difficult time dealing with my academic stress as well as the stress of living alone. Talking to Roopali helped me understand a lot of the issues I was having, and she was able to walk me through my academic issues and my personal issues as well. It was helpful to talk to someone other than my friends and family as they already know me. Therefore having a third person hear the issues and give me an external perspective while asking all the right questions was very helpful. The remedy she asked me to take, helped me significantly. I would definitely recommend Roopali to anyone who is looking for a good homeopathy doctor, as I believe that she has been very helpful to me. 

GN, 21