The homeopathic consultation is an in-depth interview to understand the distinctive mental, physical and emotional characteristics of the patient. It is important to understand these aspects of the patient's personality to comprehend not only the specific details of their health-related complaints but also their unique sense of themselves and their life. Only this understanding leads to the customized remedy that fits the patient's unique symptom complex.


Initial Consult

30 min. To determine whether homeopathy is right for you.




Patient Interview - Chronic Case

In-depth interview lasting 2.5 to 3 hours. This includes the provision of all remedies and shipping charges over the duration of the treatment. 




Follow-up visit - Chronic Case

45-60 min.  To assess how the patient is doing on the prescribed treatment. I recommend doing this in person but it could be done via Skype/FaceTime



Acute Cases

30-45 min. To resolve an acute, one-time issue that the patient is experiencing at the time.